This is the page where I should tell you all about me, where I come from, where I've been, what I am passionate about, and where I think I'm going next. All gonna happen soon! But for now you need to know just 5 things about me:

  • I'm a PhD in Computer Engineering. I worked on middleware to provide transparent fault tolerance to distributed Java systems. There was a time I knew everything about object serialization (marshaling and unmarshaling) and Java remote method invocation prototols. It took me a decade to forget. Don't make me go back there!
  • I'm a Parent, and an Indian American. I am proud of my Indian heritage and am an invested parent who believes we need to leave the world better for our kids, than we found it. Things I want to educate myself and family on include: anti-racism, sustainabile living, and inclusive thinking. I started the #RecipesForAJ tag to leave cultural and behavioral breadcrumb trails for my son.
  • I'm a Technology and Community Advocate. I've spent over two decades in tech spanning research, academic, startups, communities, and now advocacy. My interests spanned mobile and ubiquitous computing, multi-screen app experiences, web and cross-platform development, and distributed systems. I've coded in Java, JavaScript, C/C++ and Dart at some point. Right now, I'm interested in revisiting the modern mobile landscape with a cross-platform and multi-cloud context in mind.
  • I'm a Visual Storyteller.. I've always written notes for everything I learn. But I started doodling and drawing tech illustrations as a self-care mechanism. Then I discovered 65% of us are visual learners - sketchnotes (or visual notes) can help us grasp the big picture and connect the dots to concepts faster, improving retention and recall. So I began to SketchTheDocs!
  • I'm a Lifelong Learner.. I have a series of personal essays that expand on this topic. The essence is this - by focusing on the journey and not the destination, we give ourselves a richer understanding of people and processes, and build up knowledge and resilience that helps in uncertain times. We are all Smithsonians. You just have to pick the exhibits you want to dust off and showcase every quarter, and archive the rest for another day.