About me

Hello! Iโ€™m Nitya Narasimhan. Welcome to my corner on the web.

Iโ€™m a PhD and Polymath with 20+ years of engineering, innovation, teaching and advocacy experience spanning industry, startups, academia and community. Iโ€™m also an invested Parent and a long-time resident of Hudson Valley, New York. We all have a North Star and this is mine.

Hudson Valley, NY

Iโ€™m an innovator with 10+ issued patents, an author with 30+ technical publications, a speaker with 100+ technical presentations, and a community advocate with 100+ technical events organized in topics including cloud computing, mobile & web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, career development, diversity & inclusion, and STEM education.

I currently work on the Cloud+AI Developer Relations team at Microsoft, building programs to amplify and empower professional and startup developer ecosystems across the US. My mission is to help everyone translate awareness of modern technologies into actionable impact on their products, careers and communities.

Follow me @nitya or connect with me #in/nityan and letโ€™s make a difference for the next generation! ๐ŸŽ‰